Winter band concert


Grace Garcia

December 10 at 7 pm, Ramsey Jr. High had its annual winter band concert. The concert consisted of the beginning band, 8th-grade band, 9th-grade band, and Jazz band. The 7th-grade band played two pieces called “Band on the Housetop” which is “Up on the Housetop” but you can hear each instrument play a part. The other song the 7th graders played was “First Christmas March”.  The 8th graders played three pieces. One of them was “Joyous Christmas” with is the song  “Joy to the World” but it includes a Beethoven piece.  “Mele Kalikimaka” was the final piece the 8th-grade band played. The 9th graders played three pieces. The first piece was “Christmas Troika” which is “Sleigh Ride”. The second piece was “Hypnotic Fireflies” which is not a typical Christmas song. Hypnotic Fireflies is a summer song that is supposed to make you feel like you are watching fireflies. The last song 9th-grade band played was “Brazilian Bell Carol” which is like the “Ukranian Bell Carol”.  This is a percussion feature. The band director said the band received a lot of compliments on how well they played. The band concert was an overall success.