Study Tips


Sometimes an upcoming test can be extremely stressful, sometimes it can even take a toll on your brain. Now, we’ve all heard the studying tips like  “do flashcards”, but they aren’t necessarily the most helpful. We already know we should do those things. It’s common sense. So from two students to another, here are some test taking tips you maybe haven’t heard before.

  • Study When You’re Tired

Before you go to sleep at night, try to study for a few minutes. Research shows that your brain strengthens new memories while asleep, so this is a way to remember those pesky formulas for math and science. 

  • Create Little Stories With the Information

Turning something fun can help you remember the information, so you can create stories to go along with it to help make studying not so boring. For instance, the way some people remember PEMDAS this way: Please (p) excuse (e) my (m) dear (d) aunt (a) Sally (s). 

  • Reward Yourself

Humans are kind of like dogs. We want rewards when we do something. For dogs, it’s a treat after doing a trick. For us humans, it could be anything, so after doing a bit of studying treat yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s a snack or a couple of minutes on your phone. It helps us focus when we know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. 

  • Teach Someone Else

We’ve all had a question on a test where we just couldn’t explain our answer. Explaining topics you’ve learned to someone else could help. This will help your brain train to answer questions like this on tests. 

  • Use A Specific Smell 

While studying, use something like perfume or cologne and use that same scent while taking the test. The scent will help you remember when you were studying and what information you went over. Calming scents, such as lavender, will help you relax and make you remember what you went over better.