Untimely death of another rap star


Gunner Destea

     The famous rapper Juice Wrld was announced dead on Sunday morning (December 8). Juice Wrld’s real name was Jarad Anthony Higgins. He turned 21 on December 2nd and was partying all week. He had a hit song called Lucid Dreams and All Girls Are The Same. Before Juice died it was said that he had taken Percocet. He had taken so many at once that he overdosed and had a seizure. Later, when the police showed up to the scene they found many pounds of marijuana in his suitcase.

     A famous Tik Tok trend turned into a real-life tragedy. A Tik Tok was seen by millions of people around the world the song Lucid Dreams playing out loud, and when the song jittered the person in the video would then act like they were having a seizure. Most people say he guessed his own death year in a song called ̈ Legends. ̈  As quoted from the song he said ̈ we ain’t making it past 21 ̈ which sadly was the truth for him.