New year, new look


Kadence Douglas

     Happy New Year! Recently, during winter break, Dr. Manley sent an email to all teachers and students; construction would be underway for the rest of the school year. This construction will even last longer than that, and it won’t be completed for another whole school year. It is being done on our courtyard, moving our outside area to the parking lot between the cafeteria exit and the football field. The traffic has rotated towards this area as well. 

The construction in and of itself will be one of three phases lasting over three semesters.

PHASE 1.1 START 12/23/2019 END 12/31/2020

PHASE 1.2 START 6/5/2020 END 7/15/2020

PHASE 2 START 1/1/2021 END 4/27/2021

Remember to arrive in the right areas and avoid the courtyard, as well as not come through the Jenny Lind side of the building. Try to have a good attitude despite the inconvenience!