Ibis Paint X

Ibis Paint X

Mya Anderson

     Ibis Paint X is a digital art program, at the time of release, the app has over 45 million downloads and thousands of drawing/painting materials. The app itself is free, however, there are ads plastered around when you enter a canvas and in order to use some materials, you either have to pay or just watch an overly long ad to unlock an utmost of 40+ brushes and other materials.

     Ibis Paint is compatible with, IOS and Android. As if now it has about 50+ features and is used by a multitude of artists including; user @kkkooojiii on twitter and YouTubers, ergojosh, krabu-san, and Eclipsing Art. These artists use this app professionally and hence prove it ́s usefulness and prevalence.

     Not only is Ibis Paint a drawing software, but it is also an editing software, similar to photoshop it is a dual program. You can edit photos, add pngs, and blend in mistakes. Another property to this app is that popular Instagram editors use this app for Animation, an editing term for taking drawn photos and making them move in some way. You could also use this app for regular animation though itś not built in so you may need another app.

     Ibis Paint has a section built in the app where they showcase others´ art and edits, it’s labeled ̈Online Gallery ̈ and from there you can see art from other users. 

Overall, Ibis Paint X is a moderate app, there a glitch fixes almost every day which is good and bad, but it functions well and gets the job done, itś not spectacular but it ́s not horrible. It’s right in between.