New South Wales fires – the damage and how to help


Landon Harger

 For the past months Australia has been on fire in New South Wales and it has not been going well since then. With a drought season that has not given them too much rain is a big part of the problem but another problem is probably the 183 people that were accused of starting some of the fires. So far the fires have killed 28 people, 1,650 homes have burned, and about 17.9 million acres. One billion animals have been expected to have died from the wildfires with the number still raising. 

     Even though Australia has been getting rain it still will not be enough to stop the fires completely. They will still send more firefighters and other people to help. So if you want to help in any way please donate to some kind of organization that is going to help out in Australia like Australian Red Cross, Salvation Army Australia, The rural fire service and other organizations that will help with the fire.