Trouble in Iran


Jordan Kennedy

     After two very long weeks of crisis in the Middle East, the world looks on Iran’s troubling political situation. Beginning with the assassination of Iranian general and right hand man of the Supreme Leader, Qassem Soleimani, the possibility of a world war has been evident. After the assassination of Soleimani, Iran promised revenge, which they then carried out on the seventh of January. The reason why many are concerned about the possibility of World War Three, as both Russia and many Middle Eastern nations, such as Iraq, are allied with Iran. Recently, tensions have escalated as President Donald Trump and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khameini have been dueling on twitter, with Donald Trump threatening to commit war crimes by saying he will bomb Iranian culture sites, and Ayatollah Khameini said that there would be pay back for our killing of Qassem Soleimani.

     Over the past week though, Iran’s issues have gone into the country. On January eighth, Trump made an announcement in the White House, that stated that he would be instituting sanctions on Iran, and would be trying to ease tensions with the nation. Three days later on January Eleventh, a Ukrainian passenger plane was shot down by the Iranian military. America, Canada, and several other nations immediately told the Iranian government to take accountability, which the president Hassan Rouhani accepted. However, do to the combined factors of sanctions pressuring them, an authoritarian regime, and threats of war at every corner, the Iranian people have begun to protest the government of Iran. Many have chanted “death to the dictator”. The Iranian government has rushed to call these protests illegal, but they continue nonetheless.

     As the situation is still developing, we can only guess how it will turn out. There are several possibilities. Perhaps the protests will be put down. Maybe the Supreme Leader will surrender power. Another possibility is a violent revolution to instate a democratic government. Who knows. No matter what happens, the world is watching Iran.