PS5 vs. Xbox Series X


Michael McCall

It’s about that time again, when old games start to die and new games come out. And with new games comes new consoles. The Playstation Five has been talked about all over the internet. The PS 5 will be considered a next-gen console. There are many rumors about what the console will look like. The image below shows what the projected look will be.  This would be cool because it has a futuristic vibe to it.

The Playstation Five is going to be one of the first next-gen consoles to be released. Another console expected to release this year is the Xbox Project Scarlett. At 6 inches tall and 12.75 inches wide this console will be bigger than most consoles and take up more space and the angle of the CD port looks like it could mess up CDs. This will still be a good console, but the Playstation will probably be a better buy.