Veteran Resources


Dakota Murchison

     Two Arkansas National Guardsmen took their own lives in January 2020 and military leaders want our community to know what resources there are to help. The Arkansas Army and Air National Guard provide mental health training for soldiers and airmen once a year but have mental health professions available at all times. This will further prevent veteran suicide throughout the United States. We typically see two veteran suicides a year but the fact that we are only in January and there has already been two so the adjutant general is speaking out about it. But there is always some natural hesitance to say I need help. They hope our community will become the front line in stopping soldier suicide.

“We have three core missions nurture the living, comfort the wounded, and honor the dead but of those three missions when we have a suicide we want to nurture those who are struggling. So it’s extremely important for their friends and family to get them the help they need.” Says Lt. Cole Jeremy Miller about suicide prevention.