Super Student Supporters


Kadence Douglas

     This year the GATE class’s goal is to make a change. The topic is up to the students, who are working throughout the year to make more people aware of their issues. Some people chose (lack of) student’s voice, some chose poverty, and some chose world hunger. However, this article isn’t meant to go over every project; it’s meant to explain and promote the Super Student Supporters, a team of three students, Braeden Wear, Rawan Yasin, and myself, Kadence Douglas.

     Through the Super Student Supporters Instagram account, our group intends to spread awareness of bullying and lack of student acceptance. We plan to allow people to send in their own stories and encourage others to stand up and be proud of who they are. We also attend to write an article meant to reach out to people who may not feel accepted and/or bullied. Posters will also be made to help spread awareness to those who may not have Instagram and to direct individuals to the account. `We want to let people speak without being afraid and allow these unique anecdotes to help other people come out about their own stories. Our big goal is to help people grow kinder and more accepting of the people around them by playing to their natural sense of sympathy. If more people heard the cries of distress from their own peers- they may very well be more likely to change from their possibly previous bullying behaviors. Overall, the goal is to spread kindness and acceptance not only to students from our own school but students from nearby schools- no matter the age, people need to hear.