Credit Recovery

Katia Howell

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     There is a class here at Ramsey Junior High called credit recovery. It is a class that you are required to take if you did not pass a class last semester. The class is held in either the first period or third period every day. At the beginning of this semester, the office assigns students who need credit recovery to one of those study hall style class periods instead of an elective. If you have a class that you can not change because it is a core class then they will give you a study hall for another period and you will have to work in the study hall class.

     The work in credit recovery is all on Odysseyware. You are expected to do at least 3 assessments a week. Every course is different and has different amounts of assessments to do. To pass a course you must have at least a sixty perfect on that course. In your class, there are students from all three grades. If the seventh or eighth graders don’t pass the credit recovery class then they will have to do summer school or repeat the grade. If the ninth graders do not pass the credit recovery class they will have to enroll in night school next year at their high school.