The Unexplored Ocean

Krislyn Wilson

     The ocean is approximately 20,000 feet deep. That leaves about 80-95% of the ocean unexplored. With this much of the ocean unexplored, there are tons of creatures, and other things left unexplored. There are many reasons including why we can’t yet go that deep to see these things, but the most major risk is the pressure from the water. It can kill you from the intense pressure on your body. Research shows, if you were to be at the bottom of the ocean, it is equivalent to having 50 airplanes piled on top of you. Another danger is freezing from the cold water. It can be expensive to try to explore underwater regions. Overall, nobody knows what type of creatures lay at the bottom of the ocean, because we have never been deep enough to find out. The only thing we do know is that there are volcanoes and incredibly deep trenches.