Dungeons and Dragons Club

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Dakota Murchison

     Dungeons and Dragons is a very fun and entertaining group at Ramsey. Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game originally designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.  Many of the club members include Keira McTyre, Thomas Cherry, Mathew McGuire, and Derrick Fritts. These players meet every Monday after school. The DM creates a timeline based on what they think would be fun for all players. Dungeons and Dragons was created many years ago and has been played ever since.

        “It is fun and very interesting,”

     says Mathew McGuire about being in the club. There are DMs in this game which are dungeon masters who create the timeline and events for the players to go through. A lot of people see this game as just a fictional board game but it goes much deeper. Many of the club’s players have seen new faces and made many new friends. Dungeons and Dragons is not just a game you win, it’s like monopoly it goes on for a long time. There is no losing or winning, it’s just about having fun in this group.

      DnD not only is a game it also deals with math and most important creativity. It deals with math because it makes you roll dice and do simple math in your head. It deals with creativity because you have to think things through and listen to the storyline. Many students that play the game become better at real-life situations and figuring things out faster. Dungeons and Dragons players at Ramsey jr High also use this game as a way of getting closer to other people and communicating more. 

     Dungeons and Dragons meets Monday after school in room E-2 and is open to everyone at the school but you might want to come prepared. The group will expect you to know how to play and to be tuned in on their adventure. Luckily there are some ways you can learn how to play. The creator of Dungeons and Dragons wrote a book of rules called “Player’s Handbook.” People that have read the book before playing say it has brought role-playing to another level and made it more interesting.