Winter Band Concert


Grace Garcia

     8th and 9th-grade band had a concert on January 11. It was only the 8th and 9th grade playing. The 8th graders played three songs for their part of the concert.  One of the songs they played was a piece called ¨Engines of Resistance.¨ The second song they played was ¨On the Colorado Trail.¨ The third song ¨Fort Canterbury March.¨ The 8th-grade portion of the concert was very good. The 9th graders played their pieces that they are going to play for the Honor band in Hot Springs on February 21st. The 9th-grade band played a total of four songs. The first song that the 9th graders played was a piece called ‘Fireball.’ Ms.Smith is going to conduct this song at the honor band playing. The second piece 9th grade played was ‘Seal Lullaby.’ It was originally written for choir and it was transferred over for band. The third piece is ‘The Gathering Ranks of Hebron.’ And the very last piece is called ‘El Zorro Rojo.¨ This piece is a Spanish march.