Death of Pop Smoke


Michael McCall

Another day another rapper gone to soon. Rappers’ deaths are becoming monthly things. This is the second rapper in months who has died. Many rappers have died of gang related violence or being druggies but not this one.This rapper Pop Smoke had died in a house invasion. He was just minding his own business until he was shot by a group of people. The one who shot Pop Smoke was wearing a mask and had a handgun this event occurred on Wednesday Morning. He just made a mix-tape Meet the Woo 2 he was going to blow up after such a great song which had 280 mill streams on it. 

According to Los Angeles times “Investigators suspect the home where the rapper was staying was targeted by the assailants. In recent years, Los Angeles homes being rented by musicians have been the targets of several home invasions, according to law enforcement sources.” RIP Pop.