W.I.N. Schedule has successful test run


Mya Anderson

     As a student of Ramsey Junior High, you have probably noticed that we have integrated a new schedule. This W.I.N schedule is designed to help students who are behind their studies. It is much like an additional study hall. On Friday of last week and this week’s Monday and Tuesday, we had a test run of the new schedule, and Mrs. Manly has gone on record to say we have done very well adjusting.

     However students, have had a hard time adjusting emotionally, this new period does take up 5 minutes of every other period and could be completely useless to some. The study halls provided are much more strict; no phones and no bathroom. The drop everything and read option is not very appealing to many. There will be updates for more enriching options after Spring Break, until then we will have to wait.

     Students seem to be angry that staff had not waited until next year, or even started it at the beginning of this year. Well the staff has a reason for that. For the days that teachers were out intermittently; math teachers were gone in the afternoon and English teachers in the morning. Those were intended to be a period of time where staff could plan for the new W.I.N schedule.

     This new period is an opportunity to either learn, read, or study. There are no other options. The W.I.N schedule has not been fully merged into our everyday schedule. Soon it will be.