Coronavirus conspiracies

Krislyn Wilson

     Ever since the recent upbringing of the new corona virus outbreak, there has been news articles and officials of China report about the issue, but is everything that there saying true? One of the biggest theories is that a Chinese doctor of the name Dr. Le Wenliang didn’t die from the corona virus but died because he gave the public too much information about the virus. He was one of the total of eight whistle blowers who tried to give an early warning sign to schools to wear protective clothing and to keep kids safe.  which at this point, the virus had killed around 3,100 people and infected over 90,000. He was shamed by authorities for warning the public about ¨false information “. He later died on February 7th from the same virus he wanted to spread information about.

     Another really big theory is that the virus is actually killing more people than what the public thinks. This screenshot shows the alleged number of deaths of the virus in China.

What is says is that a total of 24,589 deaths which is greatly different from the 304 deaths that China had reported  at the time. The total confirmed cases on the screenshot were listed as 154,023 which is a lot higher than the 14,446 reported cases of the virus. This information has not been said to be true or false, but it is definitely making people wonder if China officials are being completely honest about what they tell the public.