Dealing with drama

Dealing with drama

Katia Howell

     There is a lot of drama in school over a lot of different things. We are all teenagers so we can find out a way to deal with the drama without anyone getting hurt over it. 

     If you are wrong and you know that you are wrong just own up to it. Being wrong isn’t a bad thing when you admit that you were wrong. A lot of drama happens because someone is stubborn and doesn’t like to or want to admit they were wrong about something. Then they argue and fight over that when it would most likely never have happened if they just admitting to being wrong.

     If you have done something that hurt the other person not only physically but mentally like saying something mean that wasn’t supposed to sound mean just say sorry. Saying sorry will show that you care and actually feel bad about what you did. 

     Respect people’s boundaries. People have boundaries and you can only push them so far before they break. If someone has told you once before about something that you do that they don’t like, you should stop doing that around them or doing that to them. 

     Those are just a few tips on how to prevent drama or how to stop it. Just remember that most of the things you do now will affect you in the future so keep things simple and don’t go out doing things you will regret later in life.