Somewhat Important Tuesday

Jordan Kennedy

      Last Tuesday was Super Tuesday, the event where most states have their party primaries at once. The primaries are where each state has its parties vote on which candidate they want to run. On Super Tuesday, the states of Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia all come out to vote. Since Donald Trump is the incumbent president, no one is watching the Republican primaries since everyone already knows Donald Trump will get the nomination. On Super Tuesday, we saw Joe Biden win every state, except for Colorado, California, and Vermont, which all went to Bernie Sanders. After losing her home state, Senator Elizabeth Warren has dropped out of the election. As of right now, the only people still in the race are Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Delaware Senator Joe Biden. Senator Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii is still in the race, but she is lagging so far behind she has no chance of being a candidate.

     Last Tuesday was the second super Tuesday. Although not as many states are up for grabs, there were still several. Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, and North Dakota were all contested between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. The largest prize of the night was Michigan, with 147 delegates to win. Despite winning almost all of Michigan in the democratic primaries in 2016, Bernie Sanders lost in a landslide defeat to Joe Biden. Sanders was already harmed by the losses on Super Tuesday, so last Tuesday may have done him in. In addition to Michigan, Biden had also won Missouri, Mississippi, and Idaho. Not just winning states, Biden also won a key endorsement from former candidate Andrew Yang. Sanders on the other hand only won North Dakota. Washington ended up being tied up by the end of the event.

     Overall, the events of Super Tuesday II was relatively uneventful, with the closest thing to an upset being Biden’s overwhelming victory in Michigan. Unless Sanders can somehow manage to make a comeback in the next several months, Biden will be the one carrying the Democratic nomination for the White House.