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Katelyn Jeremiah

Katelyn Jeremiah teaches art here at Ramsey, but you may not know that she is a baker by night. She has always wanted to be a baker. She loved to be in the kitchen and help her mom. She first became a professional baker on Valentine’s Day 2014. She was at a Valentine’s dinner, looking through PInterest, when she saw a pin of conversation heart cookies. She thought to herself

     “I could make those!”.

    After she made the cookies, she posted a picture of them to Facebook. Once people started to see them, they asked her if they could order some. It started out with one, then two, then three orders. She did have to try over and over to find that perfect recipe. Jeremiah says even though she has thought about owning her own store, for now it is just a hobby,

    “I just do it from my tiny kitchen because I love to.”

Melissa Gregory

When Melisa Gregory, a custodian at Ramsey Junior High, was 11 years old she was hit by a truck that was coming down the road at 60 miles per hour. This accident caused her to slip into a coma for nine days. The doctors told her mom that when she woke up she would probably have significant difficulties. When she woke up she was diagnosed with amnesia. She couldn’t remember most of her life before the accident. When she was in fifth grade she had to re-learn basic math such as addition and subtraction. Even though this may have been a tough experience, she pushed on and got through it.  


Alexander Johnson

Alexander Johnson isn’t your regular coach. He’s a science teacher and coaches many sports, but one thing not everyone knows about him is that he has his own YouTube channel. Coach Johnson does this channel for many reasons, not just for fun, but to get a good laugh. One of the reasons he started this channel is because, “he was bored one day “ and two he says, “ how else is he going to get on Ellen.” The ideas for his channel don’t come up easily; he says he gets his ideas from, “listening to music on his way home from work.” Most of his ideas are straight from this school or, as he says, the students, because, “they are a different type of species.” You can watch Coach Johnson’s YouTube channel at Xander Powell.

Kelsey Warren

Kelsey Warren, a ninth grade student here at Ramsey Junior High, has a crazy but fun life outside of Ramsey. Not only has she played volleyball here since seventh grade, but she’s also playing with FSJ (Fort Smith Junior Volleyball Team). She travels to volleyball tournaments every other weekend with one goal in mind – to get the win.

“Hand me a volleyball and I will show you how tough a girl can be.”

Anthony Bradford:  

Anthony Bradford is a Freshman student here at Ramsey Junior High and has an interesting life outside of school. Anthony helps out the Boys and Girls Club with their spooky haunted house every October and on Valentine’s Day. Anthony enjoys volunteering with the organization because it raises money to buy things for the kids and for more equipment. Some of his favorite things to do during the haunted house is scaring people and hanging out with his friends. The whole organization is based on fundraising. The haunted house is located at 7704 Fort Chaffee Blvd., Building 310.  Come out in October and support the boys and girls club.

“Keep your head up, don’t let anything get you down” ~ Anthony Bradford


“I am currently taking a Masters in Practical Theology from Regents University. The program emphasizes the application of theology in everyday life. Theology is the study of God and beliefs pertaining to God. The program emphasizes a Christian worldview, but it studies other beliefs as well. I have enjoyed the adventure thus far as I learn more about myself, and how other people throughout history and across cultures have wrestled with the beauty and mystery of God, just like I wrestle with it today. “

Ryan Curtis

Ramsey Math Teacher


“You can be stupid just be safe with it.”

Garrett Kuhl

Ramsey 9th Grader


”I play hockey and lacrosse. I mostly play goalie in hockey and in lacrosse too. I play Varsity so I play with 15 and 16 year olds I if I don’t play goalie I play defense. It’s a fun thing and my brothers did it. My brothers play hockey themselves and they plan to do it professional.“

Olivia Jackson

Ramsey 8th Grader


“There is more gold in my mind than you can mine in the  earth.”

Nikki Painter

Ramsey 9th Grader


“I like to think about how a person is going to act  and  feel, in case I  accidentally hurt them.”

Skye Calvillo

Ramsey 8th Grader

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Humans Of Ramsey