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This Day in History

October 12th:

Columbus reaches the New World in 1492

U.S.S Cole attacked by terrorists in 2000

John Denver dies in 1992

Al Gore wins Nobel Prize in 2007

October 11th:

Jimmy Carter wins Nobel Prize in 2002

Pope opens Vatican II in 1962

Apollo 7 launched in 1942

Saturday Night Live debuts in 1975

October 10th:

Achille Lauro hijacking ends in 1985

Battle of tours in 735

Birth of the U.S Naval Academy in 1845

Christopher Reeves dies in 2004

October 9th:

Che Guevara is executed in 1967

Oskar Schindler dies in 1974

Meteorite crashes into car in 1992

October 8th:

Great Chicago fire beings in 1871

First person diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S dies in 2014

Massive earthquake hits Kashmir region in 2005

Communists reject Nixon’s peace proposal

October 7th:

Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes California governor in 2003

Nixon announces a peace proposal in 1970

President Bush announces military action in Afghanistan in 2001

October 6th:

First U.S train robbery in 1866

Kennedy urges Americans to build bomb shelters in 1961

Babe Ruth sets world series record in 1926

October 5th:

First presidential speech on TV in 1947

Apple founder Steve Jobs dies in 2011

Yankees win fifth world series 1953

October 4th:

Sputnik launched in 1957

Pope visits U.S in 1965

Plane crashes into an apartment in 1992

October 3rd:

O.J Simpson acquitted in 1995

Iraq wins independence in 1932

Amanda Knox murder conviction overturned in 2011

October 2nd:

Rock Hudson dies in 1985

Darwin returns to England in 1836

Hurricane devastates Haiti in 1963

October 1st:

Yosemite National Park is established in 1890

A gunman opens up fire in Las Vegas in 2017

Tom Clancy dies in 2013

Jimmy Carter is born in 1928

September 30th:

The first nuclear submarine is built in 1954

Munich pact is signed in 1938

First volume of Little Women is published in 1868

Elie Wiesel is born in 1928

September 29th:

Reporter Judith Miller released from prison in 2005

Trains collide in Pakistan in 1957Willie Mays makes a catch in 1954

Nazis and communists divvy up Poland in 1939



September 28th:

William the Conqueror invades England in 1066

Pompey the Great assassinated in 48 B.C

Estonia sinks in 1994

Ed Sullivan born in 1901

September 27th:

FDR appeals to Hitler for peace in 1938

The Tripartite Pact is signed in 1940

Anti-war sentiment grows for the Vietnam War in 1967

John Adams discusses terms of peace with British in 1779

September 26th:

First Kennedy-Nixon debate in 1960

West Side Story premieres in 1957

The Brady Bunch premieres in 1969

Paul Newman dies in 2008

September 25th:

Central High School officially integrates nine black students in 1957

Bill of Rights goes through congress in 1789

IRA officially disarms in 2005

Mid-air collision kills 153 in 1978

September 24th:

Mormon Church officially renounced polygamy in 1890

Muhammed completes Hegira in 662

Stephen King releases two books at once in 1996

The first Supreme Court is established in 1789

September 23rd:

Billy the Kid arrested for the first time in 1875

Eighth planet discovered in 1846

Lewis and Clark return to Washington D.C in 1806

FDR defends his dog to the public in 1944

September 22nd:

Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation in 1862

President Ford survives second assassination attempt in 1975

F.R.I.E.N.D.S debuts in 1994

Train derails in Alabama in 1993

September 21st:

Benedict Arnold commits treason in 1780

Monarchy is abolished in France in 1792

Mao Zedong outlines the new Chinese government in 1949

Earthquake kills thousands in Taiwan in 1999

September 20th:

Chester Arthur becomes third U.S president to serve in the same year in 1881

Amish convicted in beard-cutting attacks in 2012

Kennedy proposes a joint mission to the moon in 1963

The returning Lewis and Clark reach the first white settlement on the Missouri in 1806

September 19th:

President Garfield is pronounced dead from gunshot wounds in 1881

Soviet Leader Khrushchev banned from Disneyland in 1959

Germans bombard Leningrad in 1941

Unabomber manifesto published in 1995

September 18th:

Doris Day wins her lawsuit in 1974

MacArthur moves his command headquarters to Tokyo in 1945

Fidel Castro arrives in New York in 1960

General Lee retreats at Battle of Antietam in 1862

September 17th:

Battle of Antietam breaks out in 1862

Oprah launches book club in 1996

U.S Constitution adopted  in 1787

Vanessa Williams becomes the first black Miss America

September 16th:

Gandhi begins fast out of protest in 1932

Gunman kills 12 in D.C Navy Yard massacre in 2013

Mexican War of independence begins in 1810

FDR approves military draft in 1940

September 15th:

Muhammad Ali defeats Spink to wins world heavyweight championship in 1978

Four black girls killed in Birmingham bombing in 1963

First trenches dug in western front in 1914

Train plunges off bridge in 1958






September 14th

McKinley dies of infection in 1901

Napoleon enters Moscow in 1812

Soviet probe reaches moon in 1959

Scott captures Mexico City in 1847

September 13th

Key writes “Star Spangled Banner” in 1814

Road Dahl born in 1916

George Wallace dies in 1998

Oprah gives away 300 new cars in 2004

September 12th

Kruschev elected Soviet leader

Hurricane Gilbert hits Jamaica in 1988

Sugar Ray Robinson wins black belt in 1951

JFK marries Jacqueline Bouvier

September 11th

The World Trade Towers are attacked in 2001

Plane crashes near Bangkok

Nikita Khrushchev dies in 1971

Fatal Attraction premieres in 1987

September 10th

First drunk driver arrested in 1897

Nirvana releases “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is released as a single

Andrew Jackson shuts down Second Bank of the U.S in 1833

Guillotine used for last time in 1977

September 9th

Congress renames the country “United States of America” in 1776

California becomes 31st state in 1850

Chairman Mao dies in 1976

Audience previews Gone with the Wind in 1939

September 8th

Ford pardons Nixon in 1974

Siege of Leningrad in 1941

Hurricane destroys Galveston in 1900

Oprah goes national in 1986

September 7th

United States adopts Uncle Sam 1813

Panama gains control of the Panama Canal in 1977

Tupac Shakur shot in 1996

Flash flood hits San Antonio in 1921

September 6th

First tank made in 1915

President William McKinley shot in 1901

2.5 billion people watch Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997

Train derails on way to New York in 1943

September 5th

Sam Houston elected president of Texas in 1836

First Continental Congress held in 1774

Crazy Horse killed in 1877

Outlaw Jesse James born in 1847

September 4th

The Little Rock Nine attend their first day of school in 1957

Western Roman Empire falls in 457

Kelly Clarkson wins first American Idol in 2002

The USS Greer is fired upon in 1940

September 3d

Treaty of Paris is signed in 1783

American flag flies in 1777

Hurricane batters Dominican Republic in 1930

Confederate forces enter Kentucky in 1861

September 2nd

First ATM opens in 1969

Japan surrenders in 1945

Great fire of London starts in 1666

J.R.R Tolkien dies

September 1st

Atlanta falls to the Union in 1864

Wreck of Titanic found in 1985

Germans invade Poland in 1939

Aaron Burr acquitted

August 31st

Sam Mason survives Native American attack in 1777

Jack the Ripper kills his first victim in 1888

Germany prepares to invade Poland in 1939

FDR signs neutrality act in 1935

August 30th

Vladimir Lenin shot in 1918

General MacArthur arrives in Japan in 1945

Henry James returns to Uthe .S in 1904

China provides aid to North Vietnam in 1966

Casey Stengel retires in 1965

August 29th

Hurricane Katrina hits in 2005

The North and South clash in the second battle of Bull Run in 1862

Michael Jackson is born in 1958

Nixon announces another troop reduction in 1972

August 28th

Charles and Diana divorce in 1996

Mass slaughter in Ukraine in 1941

Voices raised against the Vietnam War in 1967

MLK speaks to March on Washington in 1963

August 27th

Krakatau explodes in 1883

Red Scare dominates American politics in 1954

NFL star Michael Vick pleads guilty to dogfighting charge in 2007

LBJ is born in 1904

August 26th

First televised Major League baseball game in 1939

Russia tests an ICBM in 1957

19th amendment is adopted in 1920

George Washington writes to Henry Lee in 1794

August 25th

The Great Moon Hoax in 1835

The Wizard of Oz debuts in 1939

David Hume dies in 1776

In Cold Blood author dies in 1984

August 24th

Wall Street scheme is hatched in 1982

John Lennon’s killer is sentenced in 1981

Congress passes Communist Control Act in 1954

Mount Vesuvius in 79

Captain Webb swims the English Channel in 1874

August 23rd

Hitler-Stalin pact is formed in 1939

Rose Greenhow is arrested in 1861

Fannie Farmer opens a cooking school

Patent for tire chain issued in 1904

August 22nd

Michael Collins assassinated in 1922

Ulysses S Grant marries in 1848

Shootings at Ruby Ridge in 1992

Hurricane Andrew pounds in 1992

August 21st

Hawaii becomes the 50th state in 1959

Slave revolt erupted in 1831

Michael Phelps wins his fourth medal in 2004

Dirty Dancing debuts in 1987

August 20th

The Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968

Professional football becomes a thing in 1920  

Trotsky assassinated in Mexico in 1940

The Menendez brothers murder their parents in 1989

August 19th

The Beatles first tour in the U.S begins in 1964

Bill Clinton born in 1946

Adolf Hitler becomes president of Germany in 1934

First motor car race is held in Indianapolis in 1909

August 18th

Genghis Khan dies in 1227

Woman suffrage amendment ratified in 1920

Larry Bird retires in 1992

Hitler suspends euthanization program in 1941

August 17th

First Woodstock festival concludes

Robert De Niro born in 1943

Hitler’s last living henchman dies in 1987

Billy the Kid kills his first man in 1877

August 16th

Babe Ruth dies in 1948

Elvis Presley in 1967

Madonna was born in 1958

Gold discovered in Yukon in 1896

August 15th

The first Woodstock festival is held in 1969

Malcom slays McBeth in 1057

India and Pakistan win their independence in 1947

Berlin wall built in 1961


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